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Test Your Coaching Trivia Knowledge

by Pivot Point


Coaching is the number one key to being a successful leader. 80% of HR leaders say coaches in their organization have more productive teams than non-coaches. 83% say their well-coached teams are more engaged.

Becoming a winning coach takes hard work and a lot of effort. There's a lot to learn. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of random coaching trivia and see how you stack up. 

Or take a deep dive into hard-hitting coaching statistics that will make you a more effective coach in this e-book full of original research we conducted in partnership with

Core Coaching Characteristics (and Why You Should Care)

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InsideOut Development is the world leader in workplace coaching. Quite simply, we help clients hold the conversations that energize people, motivate action, and lead to better—even incredible—business performance. PivotPoint is the voice of the InsideOut Development blog. We hope you’ll find inspiration to act as a “pivot point” in your trajectory (be it personal or professional) and to fuel your everyday breakthroughs.

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