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Our Way Forward: A Peek into InsideOut’s Annual Company Conference (and culture)

by Pivot Point
Pivot Point InsideOut Development is the world leader in workplace coaching. Quite simply, we help clients hold the conversations that energize people, motivate action, and lead to better—even incredible—business performance. PivotPoint is the voice of the InsideOut Development blog. We hope you’ll find inspiration to act as a “pivot point” in your trajectory (be it personal or professional) and to fuel your everyday breakthroughs.

Each year InsideOut Development hosts a conference bringing together all its U.S.-based employees and representatives from partners and clients...

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How to Easily Avoid Common Mistakes from an InsideOut Mindset

by Julie Morrow
Julie Morrow Julie Morrow has worked in human resources for more than 25 years and is currently the Executive Director of Human Resources at InsideOut Development. She previously worked at Spencer Johnson Partners and Franklin Covey. In her free time, there is nothing she likes better than spending time with her family.

InsideOut Mindset = The belief that everyone is capable of greater performance and that includes the ability to be a phenomenal learner.

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5 Tips to Help People New to the InsideOut Mindset

by Zach Bengtzen
Zach Bengtzen Zach is a marketing intern at InsideOut Development, so he’s learning the nuances of InsideOut Coaching from the very start. He’s studying international business and loves applying himself to new challenges. He loves sports, music, and traveling to experience new adventures with his wife.

What do you get when you add up your very first desk on your very first day as an intern at your very first company? For me, my very first work...

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What’s Your Remote Employee Mindset?

by Alan Fine
Alan Fine Alan Fine is a New York Times Bestselling Author, the co-creator of the world-renowned GROW® Model, and Founder and President of InsideOut Development. As the pioneer of the modern day coaching movement, Alan has worked with many of the world’s most respected athletes like PGA golfers Phillip Price and David Feherty, and other organizations such as IBM, NASA, Honeywell, Gap, and Coca-Cola. A native of Wales, his other claims to fame include giving tennis lessons to Ariana Huffington (née Stassinopoulos) and getting kicked out of University. His favorite movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

A 2015 Gallup poll revealed that 37% of employees in the United States now work remotely compared to only 9% back in 1995. In order to lead well...

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Your Team Hates You. Here’s Why.

by Shani Magosky
Shani Magosky Shani Magosky is a sought after executive coach and organizational effectiveness consultant. Her broad experience in a number of industries and senior managerial roles allows her to connect with executives and teams on multiple levels to help them achieve their unique goals. In her leisure time, Shani enjoys rock climbing, practicing yoga, skiing, hiking, riding her Harley, and rooting for her beloved Miami Hurricanes. She is also a certified hatha yoga instructor who teaches yoga to under-served youth.

Ok, maybe “hates” is a strong word. But I got your attention, didn’t I? As leaders, it’s certainly not mandatory for your team members to like...

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