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Bridging Gen X and Millennials through Xennials

by Pivot Point
Pivot Point InsideOut Development is the world leader in workplace coaching. Quite simply, we help clients hold the conversations that energize people, motivate action, and lead to better—even incredible—business performance. PivotPoint is the voice of the InsideOut Development blog. We hope you’ll find inspiration to act as a “pivot point” in your trajectory (be it personal or professional) and to fuel your everyday breakthroughs.

Everyone knows about Millennials and Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers. But there’s a smaller subset in there that’s starting to get attention. Xennials...

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3 Top Traits of Xennials

by Cindy Holtom
Cindy Holtom Cindy is a seasoned designer with experience in brand creation, campaign strategy, event design, and product development. She delights in creating meaningful experiences for her clients and their customers, and is always jumping from podcasts to audiobooks, devouring ideas. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and 2 dogs. She loves to be outdoors and experience new perspectives.

Millennials are having a moment in the spotlight. Before them, Generation X ruled the workforce. And between those two generations? That’s where...

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