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"What's Working?" How Optimism Drives Performance

by Cindy Holtom
Cindy Holtom Cindy is a seasoned designer with experience in brand creation, campaign strategy, event design, and product development. She delights in creating meaningful experiences for her clients and their customers, and is always jumping from podcasts to audiobooks, devouring ideas. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and 2 dogs. She loves to be outdoors and experience new perspectives.

Three Check-In Questions:

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A Summer Vacation Check-In Conversation

by Michael Rutkowski
Michael Rutkowski Michael Rutkowski is all about growth. Over his career he intentionally joined companies that make a difference in helping people and organizations grow, and has been blessed to play a driving role in three different education and coaching companies as they scaled from being startups to global leaders in the power of learning. It is no coincidence that he now serves as InsideOut Development’s VP of Marketing. He lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife, 2 children, and 2 dogs. He believes in the healing power of cooking good food, and is a competitive axe thrower on the side.
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4 Feedback Tips Millennials Already Know

by Lindsay Bragg
Lindsay Bragg Lindsay is a Communications Specialist at InsideOut Development and holds a degree in Public Relations from Brigham Young University. She’s also worked as a newspaper reporter and account director at a PR agency. When she’s not researching or writing great content on nearly every HR topic under the sun, she volunteers teaching leadership skills to children and adults with disabilities at an equine assisted therapy center.

Frequent feedback is essential for employee engagement. According to Gallup, employees that receive feedback from their managers (even if it’s...

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4 Things Your New Manager Needs to Master Most

by Cara Hassey
Cara Hassey Cara Hassey is a marketing professional with InsideOut Development. She received her BA in English from Brigham Young University. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing tennis, golf and reading. She resides in Highland, Utah with her husband, four children and two dogs.


A bad boss is the number one reason employees quit their jobs.

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10 Tips for Top Coaches

by Pivot Point
Pivot Point InsideOut Development is the world leader in workplace coaching. Quite simply, we help clients hold the conversations that energize people, motivate action, and lead to better—even incredible—business performance. PivotPoint is the voice of the InsideOut Development blog. We hope you’ll find inspiration to act as a “pivot point” in your trajectory (be it personal or professional) and to fuel your everyday breakthroughs.

Coaching a team can be taxing whether you’re a catechumen or a connoisseur. These 10 tips can keep your team on track and moving forward.

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Are Millennials Feedback Junkies?

by Joyce Petrella
Joyce Petrella Joyce has spent more than 25 years working in corporate leadership in industries from healthcare and insurance to technology and aerospace. Throughout her career, Joyce has actively sponsored the advancement of women in STEM through her roles on university boards and leadership of women career development initiatives. She holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Harvard University. She is also an avid reader and traveler and loves following international cycling events.

Millennials sure are getting a lot of press. They are described as a near force of nature and we had better pay attention or suffer dire...

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4 Ways A-List Leaders Engage Their Teams

by Kevin Ennis
Kevin Ennis Kevin is a versatile learning and development/organization effectiveness professional with over 25 years experience working in the US and internationally. He has held leadership positions in the US Navy and with private sector firms in marketing services, health care, and hospitality. Kevin is a retired US Navy officer. His tours included Training Officer for US Navy Forces Japan in Yokosuka Japan and Commanding Officer Fleet Training Group, St. Paul MN. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Great leaders and organizations know that employee engagement is critical to business success.  Research compiled by The Gallup Organization shows...

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The Toxic Side Of Collaboration

by Kristine Widtfeldt
Kristine Widtfeldt Kristine Widtfeldt is a marketing communications professional, author of more than a dozen books, and personal development speaker and trainer. She served as the Vice President of Marketing for InsideOut Development, and has loved leading and working with teams for more than 25 years. She’s fueled by great storytelling, interesting people, and caffeine.

Collaboration isn’t just good. It’s cool. Hip. All the smart companies, with their low walls and open conference spaces, are doing it. It...

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Are You a Manager or a Coach?

by Suzanne Gaker
Suzanne Gaker Suzanne Gaker has over 35 years of experience delivering solutions that develop more effective leaders. As a former Executive Director in Human Resources for The Kroger Co., she was responsible for the personal and professional development opportunities for over 310,000 hourly and management associates. Outside of the office, Suzanne enjoys gardening, traveling, and volunteering at a local no-kill animal shelter. She is proud to share her home with a spoiled rotten rescue bulldog named Tallulah.

When you hear the word “coach,” what comes into your mind? Do you picture a basketball team with someone on the sidelines shouting out directions?...

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Three New Patterns in Performance Management

by Kim Capps
Kim Capps Kim Capps served as the CEO at InsideOut Development. As an executive and C-level leader, he focuses his more than 20 years of experience in human and business performance to helping everyday people (as well as team and organizations) do their best stuff. Kim was born and raised in Vale, Oregon where he began driving on the farm at just 10 years old. A former college basketball player with a no-effort dunk, he now spends his time fishing and hunting and hanging out with his wife Kathy and three adorable daughters.

The following blog by Seth Godin recently caught my attention: Three changes in marketing

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