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Why Breakthroughs Matter

by Cindy Holtom

Why Breakthroughs Matter

It’s undeniable that the workplace has evolved rapidly in recent years.

High-velocity change is challenging how work gets done, how we collaborate, and how we make decisions, leaving many workers stressed out.

It’s no wonder that the sensory overload of modern business has us in a defensive stance that limits our ability to communicate well and get the right work done. This manifests as status quo thinking and both organizations and individuals miss out on growth opportunities. It can feel like wading through mud.

On the flip side, adapting well and keeping up has the potential to transform the workplace.

Companies that focus on developing their employees have an advantage. By implementing a new way of working built around focus, better decision-making, and clear communication between individuals, it’s possible to develop your people while simultaneously achieving the objectives and key results of the organization.

Imagine what it would look like if every employee—not just senior leadership—was focused, making better and faster decisions, and asking for feedback to navigate their blind spots. That kind of success builds some serious forward momentum to outpace change.

Big wins are only possible when built by little wins along the way. By taking one action at a time, climbing the mountain of success is possible. We call those little wins “breakthroughs” and they lead to further progress and possibility.

Our new workshop, Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut, is all about helping individuals identify where they want to go and committing to the actions and behaviors that will get them there. With the right mindset and daily habits of choosing where to focus, charting the right course, and getting perspective, the accumulation of little breakthroughs yields big results.

This half-day workshop was created to reinforce that each participant is the hero in their own journey. They are in the driver’s seat of their own performance. Through facilitator guidance, video scenarios, learning activities, and peer-to-peer discussion, participants plan their action steps to achieve breakthroughs that matter to them and leave the workshop with a clear path forward.

One participant told us that “it really revealed a way and a path forward that I’ve been looking for for a while.” Another said, “it gave me an organized way to approach problems and things I’m trying to accomplish.” Click here to see what facilitators have to say about Breakthroughs.


Are you ready for Breakthroughs at your organization? Talk to one of our performance experts today.

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Cindy is a seasoned designer with experience in brand creation, campaign strategy, event design, and product development. She delights in creating meaningful experiences for her clients and their customers, and is always jumping from podcasts to audiobooks, devouring ideas. She lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and 2 dogs. She loves to be outdoors and experience new perspectives.

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