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Breakthroughs: Through a Facilitator’s Eyes with Mary Oursler

by Mary Oursler


Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut is a half-day workshop designed specifically for individual contributors and their managers to tap into the tremendous potential of each team member to help them break through their individual barriers to reach new levels of performance. We interviewed Mary Oursler, one of the first facilitators certified in Breakthroughs, to get her opinions on the revolutionary new program.

Learn more about the Breakthroughs program, here.

How would you describe Breakthroughs to someone who has never heard about the workshop?

I’d start with a question: “Is there something at work or in your personal life that you would like to be different?”

Then I’d explain that Breakthroughs is a way to actually make progress on anything. It’s easy to remember and use. You learn an easy way to think through problems and come up with some actions you can take immediately.

How does it relate to InsideOut Coaching? 

When you combine the two programs, it gives both parties [managers and their direct reports] a common language and way to work through things. It also holds managers accountable for using the GROW® Model because they know their direct reports know it and are expecting it.

What about the program really connects with participants?

I think participants like that they can pick something personal to work on throughout the day. One participant told me: “This was HUGE — a way to actually accomplish a goal. We are always told to set goals with no process on how to achieve them!” Now they have a way to make progress on the goals they set.

Within the course itself, the group interacts in a variety of ways. It is always moving so participants stay engaged.

What are some of the challenges people face at work that Breakthroughs can help with?

Interestingly, it’s rarely about executing on a project. More often it’s about their relationship with their coworkers and manager — developing a better connection, getting their manager to understand when they feel overwhelmed, getting their manager to manage, lead, or care. Participants are learning skills to help them manage up.

Click here to learn more about Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut.

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Mary has owned her own consulting business for the past 13 years. She's worked in every industry across the spectrum, including high-tech, manufacturing, health care, banking, auto, medical devices, mining, financial services, and the food and beverage industry. Whether designing for internal or external facilitation, Mary's specialty is utilizing innovative and creative adult learning principles to deliver a unique program experience that makes a real difference.

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