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Magnify Your Success with the Breakthroughs Domino Effect

by Lindsay Bragg


The term “domino effect” has been used for years to describe what happens when one event sets off a chain of similar events. For many of us, standing dominoes in a line with the sole intention to knock them over is all we really do with our compulsory domino sets. There’s even a world record for longest domino chain (it’s 4.5 million dominoes – you can watch a video here).

But dominos can do more than simply knock over the next one in a line. A falling domino can actually knock over something 1.5X its weight. By that math, just 29 dominos could topple the Empire State Building – and all it would take to start the reaction is the effort to knock over one small domino.

Successes in our everyday lives work in much the same way. One small success drives our performance wheel forward for the next task. Our faith in our abilities increases; our fire to complete even bigger projects increases; and our focus on achieving the next big breakthrough increases. Once we get the wheel moving, it takes less effort to move it faster and more efficiently.

Breakthroughs: High Performance from the InsideOut is designed to produce and compound successes. It’s more than replicable. It helps individuals knock over their own dominoes. Through a simple process, problems that seem insurmountable become manageable.

Once we’ve taken the first stride, subsequent steps become easier. Lao Tzu said, “The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” Each step makes progress, but with Breakthroughs, each step can also become more impactful.

Breakthroughs helps individuals lay the foundation for their success — to align their focus and set their path. Successes won’t happen overnight. As with any domino chain, it will still take time to lay the framework, chart the course, and make sure the dominoes are properly positioned. You’ll still have to knock over the first domino and you may still need to course correct along the way, but with the foundation laid, the alignments are more manageable and the path is clear.

What big projects are your teams trying to accomplish? Learn more about how Breakthroughs can enable your teams to topple their Empire State Buildings here.

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Lindsay is a Communications Specialist at InsideOut Development and holds a degree in Public Relations from Brigham Young University. She’s also worked as a newspaper reporter and account director at a PR agency. When she’s not researching or writing great content on nearly every HR topic under the sun, she volunteers teaching leadership skills to children and adults with disabilities at an equine assisted therapy center.

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