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3 Hidden Benefits of Continuing Education

by Pivot Point

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Participating in continuing education courses helps you develop new skills to stay current in your industry, but it also says a lot about you as a person. In a tough job market, the increased expertise and experience gained through continuing education help you stand out to your potential (and current) employers.

Attending conferences and workshops allows you to stay up to date about the latest practices in your industry, enhances your skill set, and extends your qualifications.

But, it’s not just a resume builder. Here are three reasons to take continuing education classes that may not relate to your current profession at all:

1. Learning something new helps the brain function more effectively, improves focus, and elevates self-esteem.

2. Continuing education classes are a great way to test your interests in fields that may not directly relate to your current job.

3. Developing communication skills and problem solving skills will improve your personal and professional relationships.

Whether you’re established in your career or thinking of making a change, continuing education can add to your skill set and professional advancement. Technology is constantly evolving, and innovations are happening at a break-neck pace. If you want to stay competitive, professional learning is essential to your career success.

Great news! InsideOut Coaching workshops have been pre-approved for continuing education credits. Continuing education can be confusing, so we’ve answered some of your most common questions about obtaining and applying our CEU’s:

Q: What organizations have awarded continuing education credit hours to InsideOut Development programs?

A: InsideOut Development has received preapproval for our InsideOut Coaching and certification programs from SHRM, HR Certification Institute (HRCI), International Coach Federation (ICF) and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). Visit for a complete list of preapproved programs and awarded credit hours.

Q: Are all InsideOut Development workshops eligible for continuing education credit, including Breakthroughs and CoachMasters?

A: The short answer is yes! Many certifying organizations will not pre-approve workshops or programs that are not open to the public. For example, HRCI and SHRM will not allow us to include client held programs under our pre-approved program ID. That does not mean that these client hosted workshops aren’t eligible; it just means you’ll need to self-report.

Q: How do I receive my continuing education credit hours?

A: After attending one of our workshops you will receive a certificate of completion. Submit that certificate, along with the program ID, to the certifying organization.

Q: Where do I find the Program ID?

A: Program ID numbers are assigned by the certifying organization and are provided to program participants by InsideOut Development. If you have any questions about the program ID for a workshop you attended, please email

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