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Winning Together: A Peek into InsideOut Development’s Company Conference (and culture)

by Pivot Point

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InsideOut Development recently held its annual company conference with the theme “Winning Together.” The event brought together all of the U.S. based InsideOut Development team members, and included visitors from just a few of its license partners in Egypt and India. Read on to take a peek behind the curtain and discover the goals and priorities that the InsideOut team discusses when we all get together.

CEO Kim Capps began the conference by framing “the why” of InsideOut Development, both for our people and our clients. Each person that joins InsideOut wants to play a compelling part in a growth company that makes a difference. As a company, we strive to equip people, teams and organizations to achieve breakthroughs in their businesses. In the words of our founder, Alan Fine – “the noblest service we can provide is to make it safe for people to explore and realize their own potential.”

Kim also talked about the power of distributed intelligence, and drew a compelling comparison to bamboo. When you first plant a bamboo tree, you may only see a few inches of growth in the first few years, but once mature, the plant can grow nearly 3 feet a day. This happens because the plants first grow a strong and extensive root system which enables them to grow extremely fast a few years later.  Even bamboo knows the importance of laying the groundwork for success.

John Graves, VP of Operations and Finance, talked about our commitment to “the 5 rights” of operational excellence, which InsideOut strives to provide with perfection:

1. The right product – Did we ship the correct product…

2. The right quantity – in the correct quantities…

3. The right place – to the correct place?

4. The right time – Did the product/service arrive on time?

5. The right price – Did we charge the correct, agreed-upon price?

Then, IOD’s founder Alan Fine lead our team through a spirited exercise on conversations, and provided the following counsel:

- Be impeccable with your word

- Don’t take anything personally

- Don’t make assumptions

- Always do your best

He encouraged us to stop thinking of coaching as something that happens as part of conversations. Instead, coaching should be a way of being. At InsideOut Development, coaching is what we do. Alan encouraged us to make coaching part of who we are as individuals, too.

Nancy Q. Smith, VP of Innovation, introduced the company to some of the exciting new developments we’ll offer to clients in 2018 (more on this soon!) and how InsideOut Development’s instructional approach has grown to empower even more people as they seek out their own Breakthroughs.

At InsideOut Development, we are actively working to improve every day, and appreciate being part of a community that cares about helping people move forward. As Alan said, “the noblest service we can provide is to make it safe for people to explore and realize their own potential.” We feel privileged to work with other organizations striving to be their best, and are committed to do even better by our clients in 2018.

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