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Make Workplace Wishes Come True with Gratitude

by Jerry Johnson


Do you wish you could help your employees demonstrate more commitment vs. compliance?

Do you wish your employees would engage more fully in the mission, vision, and strategies of the organization?

Do you wish your leaders would create a stronger culture of unity and collaboration in their teams?

Do you sometimes wish your employees would “beat the clock” with their assignments instead of “watch the clock”?

In this month when many people will celebrate a holiday of Thanksgiving, perhaps it might be time to test one of the main purposes of that celebration—to demonstrate and express gratitude!

You might be asking, “Do you mean, share and express gratitude at work?!” “Do you mean, thank people for doing that which they were hired to do?!“  YES….That is exactly what I am suggesting!

90% of workers agree that bosses who show more gratitude would be more successful. From neurosciences to emotional welfare to plain old common sense, it is hard to deny the productive benefits of expressing more frequent and genuine gratitude and appreciation to those who work for you and to those you work with!

Consider how much more you want to help, please, and perform well for someone who makes a practice of recognizing and thanking you for your contribution. Haven’t each of us at some time in our career found ourselves working harder, and maybe even a little longer, for that co-worker or boss who we knew was authentically appreciative of that effort? Don’t most of us remember a leader we once had who got to know us personally? Someone who recognized that we didn’t need a raise or even to be recognized in public but who understood that for you a private sincere “thank you” or “pat on the back” meant as much, or more than, just about anything else they could do? Haven’t we all had a manager who would spontaneously and naturally express gratitude, who didn’t wait until their boss was around, or when it would make them look good? Have you ever been on a team that you loved being part of, a team you loved contributing to, a team whose members you looked forward to being with and collaborating with? I would bet the leader of that team consistently expressed appreciation and was always genuinely grateful for his or her team members’ hard work and efforts and you loved the culture and feeling on that team!

Try celebrating the spirit of Thanksgiving by being that grateful boss, that leader, that manager who shares genuine and sincere gratitude and appreciation at your work place! AND try doing it all year long!

If you can, I believe you will be most grateful for how many of your wishes will indeed come true!

Category: Leadership Performance

Picture of Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson is a sought-after trainer, facilitator, and consultant with over 30 years of multi-faceted business and executive experience. As a senior resource for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, Jerry has conducted hundreds of training and consulting sessions and is consistently recognized for his outstanding delivery. Jerry lives in Orem, Utah with his wife Sheri and their five children. When he’s not in front of a classroom or client, Jerry enjoys water sports and driving and working on his classic Chevy pick-ups.

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