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Q&A: Strategies to Maximize the ROI of Coaching

by Pivot Point


The Association for Talent Development (ATD) recently published an article written by InsideOut Development Founder and President Alan Fine titled, “3 Strategies to Maximize the ROI of Coaching.” We spoke with Alan about how organizations today can use the strategies discussed in the article to make their coaching programs more effective and profitable.

In the article, you mention the importance of setting a clear hierarchy of goals for a coaching deployment: Building the coaching competency, building a coaching culture, or producing a specific business result with coaching. How does this help make a coaching program more successful?

When the goal is just to build a competency, some people will use that competency, but some people won’t. Some people say they won’t have time. When you train coaching to drive a cultural initiative, so that people have a clearer line of sight about when and where to use it, it gains more traction. And when you train the competency to drive a specific, measurable business result is when it gains the most traction.

What else is important in making a coaching program successful?
Another thing to be clear about is: What price are you willing to pay? This will include aligning systems, enrolling leadership, and tracking success.

What role should leaders play in implementing an effective coaching program?
Not all leaders have to be great coaches, but they do have to demonstrate their support for the coaching program. Doing nothing isn’t supportive. You have to actively support. Every communication you have with people has an impact. What you don’t talk about sends as much of a message as what you do talk about.

Read Alan’s article on ATD’s website here.

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