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What Sets Utah’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies Apart?

by Pivot Point


Each year, the MountainWest Capital Network receives applications from thousands of organizations vying to receive a spot on the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Utah list. This annual award recognizes businesses with a proven track record of rapid growth.

This year’s Utah 100 recipients were recently announced and for the third year in a row, InsideOut Development was announced as a winner. InsideOut was honored at a luncheon ceremony October 21 in Salt Lake City and was one of only two leadership development companies on the list.

We asked the MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN) and InsideOut Development CEO Kim Capps to share what it means to be a recipient of the Utah 100 and how the organizations on the list stand out above the rest.

What was the selection process like for the Utah 100?
MWCN: To be eligible for consideration in the Utah 100 fastest growing company category, a company must be Utah-based, be a U.S. organization, have reported a minimum of $50,000 in revenue in the base year 2009, and have five years of operating history. We then select winners based on the percentage of revenue growth out of each of the companies that apply.  For the 2014 award, the winners represent multiple industries, including information technology, biomedical and biotechnical, healthcare, retail, construction, and business services.

What would you say sets Utah 100 recipients apart from other companies?
MWCN: The companies on the Utah 100 show the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and thriving in our business communities. The Utah 100 illustrates that people can succeed in any industry in Utah if they are prepared to follow their vision, assemble the right resources, and make the sacrifices that are required to achieve economic success.

Kim Capps: Each of the businesses named to the Utah 100 are growing rapidly and have a passion for the product, for making impact, and for providing a strong culture. I’m pleased to be included on this list and to oversee the progress InsideOut has made over the last year.

How you would describe the recent growth of InsideOut Development and its plans for future growth?
Kim Capps: I’m gratified that InsideOut has been named as one of the fastest growing companies in Utah for three years in a row, but our growth is not yet complete. We’re still figuring out things that I believe will contribute to more significant growth. We have an exciting future ahead.

To see the full list of companies named to Utah 100, visit

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