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Client Q&A: Creating a Culture of Engagement

by Pivot Point


Arie Wiglama is a Professional Development Project Manager for a Fortune 500 Financial Services organization. After his company launched both InsideOut Coaching and InsideOut Breakthroughs, he became a fervent champion of the InsideOut approach. We spoke to him recently about some of the outcomes he and his organization have experienced.

What kind of results have you noticed since the adoption of InsideOut Coaching and InsideOut Breakthroughs?

The biggest transformation I’ve seen is that our people are more engaged and better able to make decisions. Prior to introducing InsideOut Coaching and InsideOut Breakthroughs, we had a very dependent culture; no matter the size or scope of the decision to be made, both our account managers (frontline staff) and supervisors felt they needed to “raise their hand” before moving forward. Even if the power went out they would consult their direct supervisor because they didn’t feel confident making a decision. The fallout from that behavior was that our management staff was kept busy answering questions rather than driving strategy. Since adopting both InsideOut Coaching and InsideOut Breakthroughs we have seen that change. Now we are much more interdependent and we trust our account managers to make decisions and be successful.

How is that new level of engagement being demonstrated?

Rather than being told what to do, our account managers are now proactive and come prepared to their coaching sessions with issues they want to address. They identify what they want to work on, where they want to start, and what is going to make the biggest difference in their performance. They are succeeding in finding their own solutions and it’s great to see them working with their team leaders and creating a partnership. In addition, InsideOut Breakthroughs’ focus on bringing your best self to work has also helped them recognize the good things that they can bring to the job each day and that they are capable and competent.

Are there any participant experiences that you would like to share?

I remember one employee who felt stuck. He was frustrated with his job and didn’t feel like he was moving forward in the organization. He thought the only way to improve the situation was to leave and find a different opportunity. As he went through InsideOut Breakthroughs he realized he actually had a lot more to do with his own success than he thought. He was able to clearly identify where all of his little sticky spots were and he started changing his focus. He became accountable for what he was choosing to focus on and what he could control. It changed the way he spoke to his customers and his boss. Six months later he was promoted. He told me that his turnaround was in direct correlation with what he learned by going through InsideOut Breakthroughs.

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