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At the Point of a Breakthrough

by Alan Fine


We all have those pivotal moments burned in our brains. It’s that point in our life when we saw or experienced something that drastically changed our perspective and altered how we viewed our world.

For me, one of those moments happened when I was 13. Growing up in Wales, I was so skinny, awkward, and painfully shy that even the snap, crackle, and pop of Rice Krispies startled me.

The one thing I had going for me was a passable aptitude for tennis. So as a way of coping with my often-crippling anxiety, I read everything I could about the sport and spent as many hours as possible practicing.

Whether it was out of pity or some talent they saw in me, the national tennis authorities invited me to a weeklong training camp for promising juniors.

I could not have been more excited and terrified at the same time. As I boarded the bus, the local “superstar” (at least in his own mind), looked at me and shouted,

“What are YOU doing here?”

I froze. My worst nightmare was coming true. Tears welled up in my eyes and I was ready to bolt from the bus.

And then miraculously, something I’d read in one of my oft-perused tennis books popped into my head.

“You have to be mentally tough.”

The phrase kept rattling around in my head. Every time the tears would well up I would call up the phrase. It completely reframed the experience. I repeated this phrase many times a day during that camp and every time thereafter whenever I encountered a difficult situation. When we talk about “aha” moments that was one for me.

So here we are, starting a new blog and there are several reasons for its creation. But to me, there’s really only one: to share the thought that changes everything. To inspire you, our reader, with weekly  “aha” moments just like mine; to share stories, ideas, and concepts that act as a pivot point, shifting your life’s trajectory and opening the door to a new direction.

I know for a fact, that my experience with a personal “pivot point” is not unique. Breakthroughs can be sparked anytime, and anywhere. You could be getting on a bus, or sitting at your desk. Either way, our hope is that this blog becomes your jumping off point, the place you think of first to find the fuel for doing your best stuff and achieving everyday greatness.

So tell me, what’s your pivot point?

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Picture of Alan Fine

Alan Fine is a New York Times Bestselling Author, the co-creator of the world-renowned GROW® Model, and Founder and President of InsideOut Development. As the pioneer of the modern day coaching movement, Alan has worked with many of the world’s most respected athletes like PGA golfers Phillip Price and David Feherty, and other organizations such as IBM, NASA, Honeywell, Gap, and Coca-Cola. A native of Wales, his other claims to fame include giving tennis lessons to Ariana Huffington (née Stassinopoulos) and getting kicked out of University. His favorite movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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