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Our Way Forward: A Peek into InsideOut’s Annual Company Conference (and culture)

by Pivot Point


Each year InsideOut Development hosts a conference bringing together all its U.S.-based employees and representatives from partners and clients around the world. This year’s theme came from the annals of our own methodology—Way Forward.

Whether you’re stuck on a problem or trying to maximize your success, any process must end with a Way Forward. We used our conference as an opportunity to bring everyone together to align with a singular focus to maximize our impact in the coming years.

Our Chosen Way Forward—Capitalizing on an Opportunity

There’s a tremendous market for coaching that we want to capitalize on. Our methodology is the most well-known and most efficient coaching model. To make the most of this opportunity to help eager organizations and individuals improve their performance, we identified three elements to focus on. We believe these three elements can drive any business forward—including our own.

  1. Focus: We need to establish This will hone our focus on both what we say yes to and what we say no to, enabling us to focus our efforts and abilities on the things that really matter.
  2. Execution: If we’re going to grab opportunities, we have to raise our game. We’ll take ownership of the things that we do (individually and organizationally) and make sure we do them well. We’ll gain an intensity around the things that don’t work the way we think they ought to and raise the game—especially on those things that touch the customer directly.
  3. Transparency: That’s just a matter of will and intent. We’ll be transparent with each other and with those we work with to develop trust and grease the wheels of innovation.

Our CEO, Bill Bennett said it best:

“As we go forward, what I really want to see us focus on is this. Let’s take advantage of the magic of focus and apply it to our own organization. Let’s become maniacal about how we execute on the things that we choose to do. And let’s be as open as we can on everything we’re doing so that everyone understands where we are and what we’re doing—both good and bad.”

Alan Fine: What’s on My Mind?

Each year we take advantage of the opportunity to hear from our founder and thought leader, Alan Fine, with his expertise on the nature of performance and our role in influencing it. This year, his thoughts centered on turbulence: 

“People’s expectations are changing. How training is consumed is changing. Technology is advancing and enabling to do different things to improve on what we do. We need to change as well.”

Realizing the Value of a High Impact Coaching Culture: Read the Report

Alan defined our company’s vision to move from teaching coaching as a skill to helping people learn how to impact performance.

“I went from teaching tennis skills to teaching people how to play the game and be competitive. And as I got into sports psychology I was focused on helping people become more consistent at winning.

As a company, we’ve have been teaching people how to be skillful at coaching—how to develop the skills to coach—which is a great thing to do. It’s hard to impact performance if you don’t even have the skills for coaching. But on its own, it’s not enough.

How do we know that? Because we talk a lot about putting people through training, but they’re not making use of what they’ve learned in the training, so there’s obviously something missing.

And to me, what’s missing is that they’re not learning how to play the whole game of impacting performance.”

Our next step is to put things in place that allow us to help our clients to develop a system and a culture of coaching—beyond simply a skills training. It’s implementing the tools and processes to develop and support a change in behaviors. So we’re looking at products—both trainings and technology—to support that behavior change.

Recommitting to Coaching In Conversations

We’re recommitting to coaching conversations and coaching in conversations. Every conversation we have with one another is an opportunity to be coaching—to be supportive, to be candid, to be caring, to be constructive—and to be working together to raise the performance of the whole organization.

Recommitting to SayDoCo

SayDoCo is so fundamental to everything we do. We need to say what we’re going to do; we need to do what we say we’re going to do; and if we can’t, we need to be able to communicate that to the stakeholders immediately and ask for help. It’s ok to ask for help any step of the way.

We hope you’ll join us in recommitting to SayDoCo organization-wide. The first step to SayDoCo is recognizing that our work doesn’t just impact us—it impacts everybody in the organization.

“It’s show time.”

At InsideOut Development, we are actively working to improve every day, and appreciate being part of a community that cares about helping people and organizations find their Way Forward. Now that we’ve clarified our Way Forward, we’re excited to get started, and hope you’ll join us. As Alan said in his opening remarks: “It’s show time.”

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