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Winning Together: A Peek into InsideOut Development’s Company Conference (and culture)

by Pivot Point
Pivot Point InsideOut Development is the world leader in workplace coaching. Quite simply, we help clients hold the conversations that energize people, motivate action, and lead to better—even incredible—business performance. PivotPoint is the voice of the InsideOut Development blog. We hope you’ll find inspiration to act as a “pivot point” in your trajectory (be it personal or professional) and to fuel your everyday breakthroughs.

InsideOut Development recently held its annual company conference with the theme “Winning Together.” The event brought together all of the U.S....

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4 Sneaky Great Leadership Lessons from Michael Scott

by Michael Rutkowski
Michael Rutkowski Michael Rutkowski is all about growth. Over his career he intentionally joined companies that make a difference in helping people and organizations grow, and has been blessed to play a driving role in three different education and coaching companies as they scaled from being startups to global leaders in the power of learning. It is no coincidence that he now serves as InsideOut Development’s VP of Marketing. He lives in Lehi, Utah with his wife, 2 children, and 2 dogs. He believes in the healing power of cooking good food, and is a competitive axe thrower on the side.

It’s no surprise that rumors of an Office reboot are swirling. The Office connected with people in a way that transcended most television shows...

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