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This is the Key Ingredient to Communicating with Anyone

by Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson Jerry Johnson is a sought-after trainer, facilitator, and consultant with over 30 years of multi-faceted business and executive experience. As a senior resource for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, Jerry has conducted hundreds of training and consulting sessions and is consistently recognized for his outstanding delivery. Jerry lives in Orem, Utah with his wife Sheri and their five children. When he’s not in front of a classroom or client, Jerry enjoys water sports and driving and working on his classic Chevy pick-ups.

There are dozens of philosophies regarding how to communicate with people. Everyone has a great new idea on the best way to communicate across...

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3 Ways Not to Quit on Coaching

by Nancy Q. Smith
Nancy Q. Smith Nancy Q. Smith is a facilitator, consultant, and learning and development executive with over 30 years of experience. An in-demand speaker for supply management and human resources audiences, Nancy has also been published in Training Magazine. Nancy has been married to Tobin, the boy who stood next to her in her kindergarten picture, since 1988. They reconnected at the Wayne State library and have been together ever since. They are the proud parents of two children, Walker and Claire, and two fluffy dogs, Emma and Indie.

Most leaders demonstrate a knowing-doing gap with coaching. We see that coaching and feedback are vital to individual and organizational success....

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What No One Tells You about Cross-Culture Communicating

by Eric Francis
Eric Francis Eric specializes in developing leaders as communicators. Through interaction with diverse cultures and people, Eric strengthened his belief that a global mindset was essential to Japan's success in the business world. Incorporating his international experiences and know-how into a global training series, Eric has trained more than 500 corporate teams in a wide range of industries throughout Asia-Pacific. He currently is based in Tokyo and has made Japan his home for a total of 20 years. When he's not training, he enjoys working on his goal of climbing all of Japan's 100 famous mountains.

Talking about communicating across cultures usually prompts us to look at differences. How does my culture compare to yours? Researchers into...

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