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3 Mistakes Humble Leaders Never Make Twice

by Mala Grewal
Mala Grewal Mala Grewal is a successful Executive Coach and Facilitator, Leadership Consultant, and Change Manager. Her dedication to solving business challenges combined with her innate ability to intuit development possibility within individuals allows her to deliver sustainable transformation with clients. She previously served as the Regional Vice President at The Oz Principle, coaching numerous Fortune 1000 organizations. Mala has a charismatic presence in front of crowds. Her business acumen combined with her theater background make her a dynamic hit with audiences.

In spite of all the research-based benefits of this leadership trait, the word “humility” sure gets a bad rap. Or rather no rap at all.

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It’s Time to Say “You’re Fired” to Termination Culture

by Nicole Price
Nicole Price Nicole Price is the CEO of Lively Paradox, a leadership development and consulting company. She is also the co-author of the book "The Power of Seven Second Chances" and part of the anthology "Cultivating Culture." Nicole's best job ever is being a mother to her son.

In management circles, few names elicit as powerful a mix of admiration and contempt as the name Jack Welch. Love him or hate him, Fortune Magazine

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