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Three Leadership Behaviors to Adopt in 2016

by Malini Janakiraman
Malini Janakiraman Malini Janakiraman specializes in learning, organizational development, and executive coaching. As a global leader with over 25 years’ experience, she has worked at the highest levels of many well-known organizations worldwide. Malini is a native of Bangalore, India and is fluent in three languages. A vicious field hockey and tennis player, she enjoys yoga, singing in both Western and Indian genres, cooking, and traveling. Malini and her husband-TJ are the proud parents of two children, Vikram and Vanitha and two adorable granddaughters, Janaki and Shivani.

In my years at Fortune 500 companies, I had a variety of leaders before becoming one myself. When I think of leaders that made me feel unique and...

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